Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meet the Teacher

school seeds 008
We got to go to LP's school last week to meet her teacher and check out the classroom. We went with Alessandro and his parents and the kids had a great time playing on the playground while Miss Erika introduced herself and the classroom to the parents. The kids came in to check it out and LP got right down to business trying out some of the work. On the way back to the cars, LP and Alessandro had to stop to say hello to the chickens and they took a moment to pose for me.

Silly Faces

Waiting on the bleachers for swim class to start.
silly faces

Ready for Summer

We are now officially ready for summer. Thanks to a wonderful anniversary gift from Nana and PopPop, we purchased a new patio set for the backyard this weekend. We enjoyed our first meal of burgers, hot dogs, and potato salad on it that night, now we are ready to have friends over for a big BBQ. Who is up for it?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Last night as I was snuggling with LP in her bed, she asked me to pat her head. The head turned into her cheek, her nose, her other cheek, her forehead, her mouth and her brownies. When she asked me to pat her brownies I repeated it and she started laughing. But she asked 2 more times for me to pat her brownies. Then she said, "these things, my brownies Mama" as she rubbed her eyebrows.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Sydney 004

You chose me in January 1999. I only went to the pet store to get a carrier and litter box, planning on getting a kitten the next day. You followed me around the gigantic cage (all the shelter cats were in a large multilevel cage) pushing your head against the bars and purring. The woman running the shelter was amazed, you had been there 6 months and had never shown any interest in anyone. She asked me to sit with you to see how you would respond. Half an hour later, as you were still curled up on my lap purring, I asked her to pick out a litter box and carrier for me since I couldn't leave you there even overnight. Obviously you had been waiting for me long enough.

We had a few rough nights of no sleep, I even thought maybe you missed the other cats and would be happier in another home, but you quickly settled in and became the most loving, best behaved cat ever. You were never happier than when you were being petted, although you could never stand still for it. You always stood up and walked laps as soon as anyone touched your head. If we took your walking as a sign you were done and we were wrong, a tap of your paw would let us know. I would even wake up to you head butting my hand, trying to get it on top of your head so I would pet you in my sleep.

You loved to sleep in the sun, finding any little patch to stretch out it even if it was on the hard tile floor. You loved to carry your toys around the house (and LP's stuffed animals too) making the funniest talking sounds as you carried them up the stairs and into the bedroom to drop them on the bed or on the floor next to me. I'm glad those were the only presents you ever brought me.

You tolerated so many changes that I put you through. The addition of Lilypad Dad, Forster, and even LP. You adjusted easily to 3 moves, from the apartment to the condo to our house. You managed to win Lilypad Dad over, he thinks you are the reason that he and I ended up together. You took care of Forster and became a surrogate mother when I brought him home as a terrified kitten. You taught him the rules of the house and kept him in line, playing chase with him even through last week. You watched over LP when she was an infant, snuggling right up to her on the pillow the day she came home from the hospital. You learned to keep your distance during her rougher phases, but you were so good with her lately even when she carried you up to her bed and dressed you up.

For the last 10.5 years you have been by my side through everything. You knew when I was sad and needed a warm, purring body on my lap. You made me laugh when you were in a playful mood. I was never lonely because you were always there with me. You made friends with everyone who walked into the house, friends, family, repairmen, even people who claimed not to be cat people. You showed everyone love, and you were very loved. We will miss you Sydney.



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cell phone pictures 107




Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ready to Go

Pedal faster daddy!

We picked up a present for all 3 of us this weekend, a Schwinn Runabout. Lilypad Dad hooked it up to my bike today and we took it for a trial run around the neighbor's yard. Lilypad Princess was a little nervous on the initial run, she kept telling me to slow down, but quickly got used to it and started yelling at us to pedal faster down the big hill. We can't wait to use it this summer at the beach house, all three of us will be able to take trips into town together.

the view over my shoulder

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Lemonade Stand

Would you like some?

Lilypad Princess had her first lemonade stand today. When we went in from playing in the backyard to get a drink she asked to make lemonade (even though she still only drinks water). So we made a little pitcher of lemonade together which I was going to drink. When she heard the neighbor kids outside she asked to set up a stand. So we mixed up a little more lemonade, set up a table and she was in business. She handed out 5 glasses of lemonade to the neighbors and even sold a glass for $.50 to a couple walking down the street looking for their dog.

Mother's Day Gifts

I'm a little late posting photos of LP's Mother's Day gifts this year, but that's because we finally got together to celebrate this weekend. LP worked very hard on these and was so excited to give them. Her godmother, Auntie La, got a tote bag since she never cooks, but I forgot to take a picture of it this weekend.

Nana's Apron: LP told me that her Nana loves rollercoasters because they get to scream on them, so she drew a rollercoaster for her. There is a sun and raincloud and rain drops in the sky, flowers along the ground and a rollercoaster cart with people in it on the left side.
Nana's Apron

Nannie's Apron: LP drew a picture of Spooky, Nannie and Grandpa's cat. Spooky is black and white, but we didn't have a black fabric marker, so LP focused on the green eyes and pink nose.
Nannie's Apron

Eka's Apron: LP drew Eka a large flower around her name with a stem going halfway down the apron, and apparently at the bottom is a person. I'm guessing all the spots are freckles or something?
Eka's Apron

Happy Birthday Jumpin' J!

Help Me!

Jumpin' J we can't believe you are 2 already! Time has flown and you have grown from such a little baby into a wonderful cousin and friend. We hope you have a wonderful day and we will get together to celebrate soon!

Holding James

And then she said...

A Family Weekend

Lilypad Princess and I took a trip up to visit family this weekend. Auntie La had to have surgery last week, so Nana flew out so she and Eka could take care of her. We spent 3 days catching up and visiting with them, Auntie Diane, Auntie Lee, and some family friends as well. LP spent tons of time down at the beach with Nana, convincing people to feed the fish with her, checking out the magic garden, and napping on Nana's lap. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

hugs and kisses for Nana


waiting for someone to take her out

sandcastles at the lake

Sleeping on Nana

at the beach

It's cold!

LP and I spent the nights with Nannie and Grandpa. After her long nap on Nana's lap, she was ready for a late night of popcorn and the unicorn movie with Nannie. She got up early to play with Grandpa and snack her way through the morning. It was a great weekend getting to catch up with almost everyone, without anyplace we had to be or anything we had to do. We were all relaxed and just enjoyed being together.

99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall

Bobu came over on Friday to help LP Dad get the hot water working in the kitchen sink again. He also brought a great present for LP Dad's birthday, a wine rack for our pantry. I don't think it will actually hold 99 bottles, but I think it will hold 40-50 so we're going to have to start stocking up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Better Than Bear

Ever since LP was tiny, she has had a habit of holding onto my fingers or thumb and digging under my nail. I don't know why she does it, but she used to do it while nursing, when she's on my lap reading a book, holding my hand in the car, etc. Tonight I went up to turn her stars off and found her still awake reading a book. I turned everything off and leaned down to give her a hug when she asked me for my hand. She told me that my nails are better than bear. I didn't think there was anything better than bear, especially because he feels like blueberries.

Happy Birthday Uncle Dave!

LP helped me create a special celebration for Uncle Dave's birthday today. It was small, just the three of us for dinner, but it took the two of us most of the day to prepare.

Uncle Dave has been talking for months about a coconut doughnut that he is craving but can't find anymore. So LP and I set out to make a coconut cake to hopefully fill that craving for him. LP has been trying to keep the surprise a secret for him for two days, and didn't actually tell him that it was a cake until this morning (although she did keep telling him that there was a surprise for him, we have to work on surprises I think).

She was a great helper in the kitchen, cracking eggs, measuring sugar, and using the mixer, we had a great time working on it and I think the cake came out pretty good. I hope that Uncle Dave really enjoyed it, he has become an important part of our family and deserves a special birthday celebration.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Trike-a-Thon Success


The trike-a-thon was a big success. LP happened to be snack helper and leader that day, so she got to start of the event as the first rider. Miss Marianne was smart about it, she waited until LP and Mackenzie got the hang of staying outside the cones and going in a circle before letting in a few more kids at a time, and they were pretty good about following the rules. There were definitely a few collisions and even a couple of tumbles off some of the tricycles, but the kids enjoyed every minute. They rode for the full 30 minutes, I lost count of LP's laps but she never stopped riding (except to pose for pictures with Marianna). After the ride she was very proud of having worked hard to raise money to give to sick kids. And I was very proud of her.





Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Very Special Flower

On Thursday, LP brought home a special Mother's Day present she made in preschool. I finally got to open it this morning and I love it. She made the card herself, painted the flower and added the stickers. This is one flower I will definitely keep forever.

My Mom


My mom, my best friend. She has always been there for me, everyday as a little kid, as my excuse to not do something I was afraid to say no to in high school, to help me get ready to leave for college, to take my panicked phone call from Australia, to move me into my first apartment and my first condo, to take care of me when I had my wisdom teeth out, to stand up for me at my wedding, and to be by my side while I was in labor. I would be the woman or the mother I have become without her influence guiding me along the way.

Popsicle from the Ice Cream Truck

She is just as amazing a grandmother as she is a mother. She has infinite patience with LP, reading the same story over and over, playing the same imaginary game, or tolerating LP's first ever temper tantrum (over a dress of course). She strives to make every moment with LP memorable, whether it's a special trip to a museum or zoo or reading her a story over the computer. LP has a wonderful role model to watch and learn from as she grows.

Happy Mother's Day Mom, we cannot wait to see you next week!

Happy Mother's Day!


Wishing all moms a very happy Mother's Day. Have a wonderful day with your family, playing, relaxing, visiting and anything else you choose to do on your day!

Lilypad Princess and I want to send special Mother's Day hugs, kisses, and wishes to Eka, Nannie, Auntie Diane, and LP's godmother, Auntie La. We will see all of you this week to celebrate.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


The trike-a-thon was a big success today. Photos and story to follow later, but here is a short video.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Almost as Good as Mom

Reading and Listening
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LP was in a reading mood the other day. After we had finished a bunch of stories I had to leave her to her books by herself so I could make dinner. I heard a little banging around in her toy bins, then all was quiet. I walked back in to find her comfy on the couch with a substitute reader, her books on cd. I have transferred some of the stories onto her Fisher Price FP3 player from Eka and she loves being able to do it by herself. She looked so old sitting there with her headphones on.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Cookout of the Season

Flaming marshmallows

Last week Alessandro and his mom came for a playdate. The weather was beautiful and LP Dad was home for the day, so that playdate turned into the first cookout of the season. Burgers, lamb steaks, yellow squash, and corn cooked perfectly on the grill, while the kids helped LP Dad and Uncle Dave get the firepit ready. The kids were both great helpers, carrying armfuls of kindling and small logs.

Helping daddy

After dinner was done the fire was lit and we pulled out the marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers. The kids had more fun toasting the marshmallows than anything else, Alessandro toasted all of LP Dad's for him and LP set her marshmallows on fire, made a s'more, took a bite, then passed it off to someone else to eat while she made another. We had a great night and can't wait to do it again throughout the summer.

carrying firewood

Stop to Smell the Flowers

Smelling the tulips

But watch out for that pollen in your nose!

pollen in her nose

Gifts for Mom

Just a little reminder that Mother's Day is this weekend. I'm a little late with my post this year, but if you have already taken care of a Mother's Day gift, you can tuck this idea away for another time. Even though you don't have time to get the finished necklace before Sunday, it would still make a wonderful gift as a kit or a gift certificate. I am glad that I was involved in the actual process, LP Dad gave me the kit and we did the cast together as a family. Everytime I look at my necklace I remember sitting with my husband and my daughter, laughing at our practice attempts.

I have had my fingerprint necklace from Tina Steinberg for over a year now and still receive compliments on it all the time. A little silver polish is all it takes to keep it looking brand new, and I love having a little bit of LP with me even when she's at school. I find myself feeling her tiny little print when she isn't with me, almost as a subsitute for holding her hand. She loves to put her finger back in the print to see how much she has grown.

One of the most common questions (after where it is from) is whether she has options for moms with more than one child. She now has many different options for multiple fingerprints, whether you want one charm with all the prints on it, or individual prints put together in one piece of jewelry.

She other has other types of mom jewelry now, my favorites is the round glass pendant with your children's names.

All photos in this post are the property of Tina Steinberg and are posted with permission.