Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School

First day of school
Today was LP's first day of school. She is officially in pre-k, but it is full days 3 days a week. This is the school she is going to attend through 6th grade, so this was her first official first day. I miss her already, I felt like something was missing when I got back out of the car at home and didn't have to unstrap her from the carseat.

She has asked every morning for the past 2 weeks if it was time to go to school. This morning she greeted us at 5 am with a first day of school song. I managed to get her to snuggle in with us for a little while, but her excitement couldn't be contained long. After a quick breakfast, she dressed in the new dress she chose, reluctantly posed for a couple of quick pictures then she rushed us all into the car.

When we got to school she jumped right out and was ready to go. I had to ask for my goodbye kiss, she was already done with us. The directors of the school came over to greet us, and after correcting Mrs. C, "This isn't a shirt, it's a pretty dress," when she got her name sticker, she skipped off without a backwards glance for mommy or daddy.

So excited for her first day
So excited to go
Showing off her new backpack.
Showing off her backpack
It's a long drive to school, a chance to recharge after an early morning.
Long drive to school
Off she goes, a full day without me.
Off she goes