Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Mischief of Mice

Mischief of Mice

As LP gets older, I have been trying to find ways to teach her the importance of volunteering. A recent edition of Family Fun magazine had a great Catnip Mouse project that I thought would be perfect. I contacted the head of cat adoptions at the rescue that we adopted Max from to see if they could use some cat toys and invited Alessandro and his mother to join us.

We spent this morning picking up supplies and then came back to work on making the mice. One package of baby socks made 20 mice, which LP and Alessandro did a great job stuffing with catnip, filling and more catnip. They put a lot of hard work into the mice, and next weekend we will attend the volunteer orientation at the rescue. After that they will be able to volunteer their time with the cats and will bring all their mice to hand out to the kitties still waiting to be picked out by their families like Max.

Stuffing the sock
Filling the mouse
Project table
Catnip Mice
The Finished Projects
Fun with Mice

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day


LP's school was closed today for a snow day and it was just the two of us. After a lazy early morning, we filled the afternoon with fun and memories. Here is a photo essay of how we spent our snow day. (click on any photo to see larger)

Eating SnowCatching SnowflakesThrowing SnowballsLoving the snow day
eating snow, catching snowflakes, throwing snowballs, playing in the snow

SleddingSnow ReindeerSnow ReindeerSledding
trying to sled down our little hill, building a snow reindeer (she did this all by herself while I was shoveling the stairs)

Eating SnowMax's first experience with snow
bringing some of the snow indoors to enjoy with syrup and give the cats their first experience with snow


Making cookiesCookies and Vanilla Ice Cream
baking cookies and making cookie sundaes

Snow Day DessertA Charlie Brown Valentine special
enjoying those sundaes while watching A Charlie Brown Valentine, cuddled up on the couch together

Happy Birthday Auntie La!

Auntie La

We hope you aced your exam (sorry for calling while you were in the classroom) and we hope you were able to get out and enjoy the rest of your birthday when it was over!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fit for a Princess

Chandelier in her big girl bedroom

After Christmas, LP decided that instead of sharing a bedroom with the baby, she wanted to have her own special big girl bedroom and move into the library. We have been clearing out our things, slowly moving hers in, and are working on choosing a paint for the tiny bit of wall that isn't covered by a desk or bookshelves. She has been happily and comfortably sleeping in there since January and loved her big girl room. Today, LP's daddy and Uncle Dave rewired, cleaned, and hung a very special light fit for a princess. This chandelier used to belong to LP's Great Grandma Gladys, her PopPop's mother. She had given it Eka, who in turn gave it to LP. LP loves how it sparkles and shines in her big girl bedroom. Photos of the entire room will be posted once we are done with it.

Grandpa's Pool

Personal Swimming Pool
LP has a very specific routine she follows whenever we go to visit Grandpa and Nannie. First she must ring the doorbell, even if they are already at the door. After big hugs and kisses, she runs around the house to make sure everything is where it should be: Spooky sleeping under the covers, jewelry box, blue bird, stuffed cat and dog, quarter jar, toys, crayons and books. Then she removes the non-slip mat from under the rug in front of the kitchen sink (I don't know what her issue is with that being there!) She has to drag a chair over to the decorative phone in the kitchen to have a long chat, although the person on the other end of the phone changes each visit.
Swimming in Grandpa's hottub
This winter she has added another routine to the visits, swimming in Grandpa's personal "swimming pool". It actually took little miss afraid of nothing a while to get comfortable in the hot tub, the first time she looked in she was spooked by the bubbles. Over the course of a couple of visits she went from just looking, to fingers and toes in, to walking around then swimming (no bubbles) to now requesting bubbles for a minute or two during her swim.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ice Skating


Today LP finally got one of her wishes from the past year, she got to go ice skating. She has been begging to ice skate since last spring and couldn't wait for summer to end so she could try it. Unfortunately, LP Dad does not skate and I am unable to this year because of the pregnancy, so we haven't had a chance to take her. But she was invited over for a playdate at Maggie's house this week and was invited to bring skated since they have a pond in their backyard.

LP had no fear of the ice, she took right off holding onto Maggie's mom's hand with perfect balance. She started off with tiny strokes of her skates, quickly learning you have to push and glide instead of picking up your feet. She has amazing balance, I was surprised how easily she was able to catch herself and straighten out instead of falling even when she wasn't holding onto anyone.

The girls enjoyed a little bit of skating on their own, making some numbers and letters in the snow with Maggie's mom, and most of all, sitting on the ice eating all the snow. It was a beautiful day to be outside enjoying the winter sun and we both hope to do it again soon.