Thursday, May 29, 2008


Lilypad Princess came running in from the backyard with a handpicked bouquet of wild "flowers" for me the other day. Despite the strong onion odor from the chives, they looked beautiful all together in the vase.

Wildflowers for Mommy

Let's Pretend

It was a beautiful day today. Sunny and warm, the perfect day to be outside. And with my car in the shop preventing us from doing any necessary errands, we had the perfect excuse to spend the entire day in the backyard.

Alessandro and his mother joined us out there this afternoon. While the moms chatted, snacked, and enjoyed some mint ice tea, Lilypad Princess and Alessandro played with just about every outdoor toy, slid and swung, and played pretend.

The best part of the afternoon was watching the two of them playing "work" together. One would get into the police car saying, "Goodbye, I go to work now." The other would lean in through the window, give a kiss, and say "have a good day." Then the one in the car would drive off a few steps, and come back again saying "I'm home!" Then they would give each other a big hug, switch places and start all over again.

Have a good day at work!

It was not only one of the cutest things I've ever watched, but it was amazing to watch them actually participating in each other's pretend universe. It wasn't that long ago they were only into parallel play, moving on to fighting over the same toys, but still not really playing with each other. Now they seem like such big kids in their play, not even needed us moms for most of the afternoon (they even took turns pushing each other on the swing.)

Police Uniforms

Lilypad Dad needs some new boots for work. I think we've recently replaced just about every other part of his uniform in the past year, except his vest, and the boots are ready to be replaced. He has actually needed to replace them for a while, but when we went to the local police store he didn't like any of the styles they carried.

LA Police Gear carries a great selection of boots from 14 different companies. Their prices are better than I remember seeing at the local store, and they are currently running some good promotions including free shipping on many of them, and free shipping, returns and even free socks on some of them. For $89.99 he can get a pair of boots, free shipping and free return (if they don't fit) and 6 free pairs of socks.

LA Police Gear also sells just about anything else Lilypad Dad could need for work, pants, flashlights, holsters, etc. I'm wonder if the job would allow him to wear 511 Tactical Shorts instead of long pants?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Night On The Town

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. Since Lilypad Dad is off of work today, we are going out for a night on the town to celebrate. He already pampered me this morning with a manicure and pedicure at a local day spa, and tonight we will head into the city to see the musical, Crybaby. I'll review it tomorrow if I like it!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend at Grandpa's

Lilypad Princess and I spent two nights with Grandpa and Nannie this past weekend. Lilypad Princess loves going to their house, after greeting them both with big hugs, she runs around the house to make sure her favorite things are all in their place. The dog statue is still by the door, Nannie's glasses are next to the bed, the singing birds are on the porch and Spooky is under the bed.

Another favorite thing at their house is Grandpa's coin jug. All his quarters go into the jug which then goes towards his yearly golf trip. But LP loves to dump them all out and get Grandpa or Nannie (or even mommy) to help her pick them all up again.


Then it's time to jump on Nannie and Grandpa's bed. This weekend she put on a show for us as well as just jumping.


She also put on a ballet for us.


Since LP had a growth spurt while we were in Disney, we thought she'd be more comfortable in the bed than the pack and play this time. This was her first night sleeping by herself in a big girl bed. She was so excited about it.

Big Girl Bed

big girl bed at Grandpas

Another first this weekend for Lilypad Princess was her first "manicure and pedicure". Nannie painted her nails a very soft pink with glitter in the morning. I think it's the longest I've seen her sit still!

First Pedicure

She loved playing with Nannie's jewels.

Nannie's Jewels

Grandpa and Nannie both played golf in the backyard with LP.

Golfing with Nannie

Golfing with Nannie

Before we left, LP and Grandpa had fun sending bubbles off to Lilypad Dad.

Bubbles with Grandpa

Thank you Grandpa and Nannie, we had a great weekend!

Big Hugs


Saturday morning Lilypad Dad kept an eye on Lilypad Princess while I got ready to head to my dad's. It was pretty quiet downstairs so I headed down to see what was going on.

Helping Daddy

I found Cinderella hard at work scrubbing the kitchen floor. While Lilypad Dad used the mop, Cinderella had to use a scrub brush on her hands and knees.

Washing the floor

A Bedtime Story

Disney World is still very fresh in LP's mind. Each night before bed she tells me about the trip. Tonight as I was getting ready to put her to bed, she told me the following story.

"I go on the rollercoaster and I go AGHHH!"
"Then we go on the magic carpet and we go up in the air."
"The camel spit on mommy and daddy."
"The brooms splash water on me."
"Donald took Mickey's hat but it's too big."
"We have to take Mickey's hat back. Can we go back to Mickey's house today? Please momma?"

And each day she tells me about the Dumbo ride. The only ride that we waited in line for more than 20 minutes and all she talks about is that she wanted the blue one to match her dress, but the boy wouldn't let her ride the blue one so we had to ride the green one.

First Official Haircut

Last week we took Lilypad Princess for her first real haircut. She came with me the week before Disney and after I was done wanted a haircut too. Since the sides were a little long and out of control, I made an appointment for when we got back.

First Haircut

Once it was time to actually get in the chair, she wasn't so sure she wanted to go through with it anymore. But Lilypad Dad found a book to interest her and take her mind off the haircut itself.

First Haircut

Once she realized it didn't hurt, she was happy to watch what was going on in the mirror. She just got a little trim, I'm not ready to lose all the baby curls.

First Haircut

Because she was so good about the haircut, she got a cookie when it was all done!

First Haircut

Friday, May 23, 2008

My New Favorite Photo

On our way to Magic Kingdom
Taken on the ferry on the way to Magic Kingdom the first day

Disney World, Day 1 Magic Kingdom

By the time we got checked into our rooms and unpacked on Sunday, we were too tired to head to a park, so we relaxed and swam instead. So Monday morning after a good night sleep, we woke up early to head to Disney World. Lilypad Princess couldn't wait to go to Mickey's House and see Cinderella's Castle, so we knew our first day would be spent at the Magic Kingdom.

The Magic Begins
We decided to take the ferry across so that LP could get her first view of Cinderella's Castle from the boat as we crossed.
the first glimpse of the castle
Cinderella's Castle
She was awestruck by the site, all she could do was whisper when we asked what she saw.
LP's reaction to the castle
First glimpse of Cinderella's Castle

Cinderella's Castle
Our first stop once we were through the gates was, of course, Cinderella's Castle. Lilypad Princess was even more in awe of it up close. She posed for a few pictures in front of it, danced around to the music that was playing, and chased her shadow all around it.
a princess and her castle
Cinderella's Castle
Cinderella or Peter Pan?
My Shadow

Let The Meetings Begin
As we walked around the side of the castle, we ran into our first Disney Characters. It wasn't Mickey or Minnie, or even Cinderella, but Lady Tremain, Anastasia and Drizella. (For those of you not completely up to date on your Disney characters, they are the stepmother and stepsisters in Cinderella). Lilypad Princess had been telling me for weeks that we were going to meet the stepmother and the stepsisters at Disney World, but I had been telling her that they wouldn't be there. I didn't think they were "big" enough characters to be at the parks, but there they were, the very first ones we met. LP couldn't wait to get up there, until Lady Tremain called her Cinderella. Suddenly LP looked down at her dress and got a little nervous, and who could blame her. I think she was expecting them to rip apart her dress and tell her to go clean the floors.
Cinderella, her Stepmother & Stepsisters

Not long after that, we found the place to meet Cinderella, Belle and Aurora. We happened to be the first in line, so all three princesses not only spent alot of time with Lilypad Princess, but left their places to help get her attention to the camera. She was awestruck from the moment we walked into the room. She could hardly even speak to Cinderella she was so in shock, but by the time she made it to Belle she found her voice and yelled "Belle" as she ran arms open for a hug. I'm still surprised she never knocked over a princess with her enthusiastic hugs.
second meeting with Belle later in the day
We also managed to meet Mickey and Minnie on the first day, making Lilypad Princess one very happy little girl. Auntie La bought her an autograph book, she loved bringing it up to everyone and asking them to sign a page for her.
The Autograph Book

(There are lots more character meeting photos to share, I think I'll make a post with those another day.)

A Year Of A Million Dreams
The theme at Disney this year is the Year of a Million Dreams. Each day prizes are handed out throughout the park and cast members create "magical moments" for the guests. We hadn't even been in the Magic Kingdom for an hour when Lilypad Princess received her first magical moment prize, face painting. LP was told she could choose any of the face paintings she wanted, of course she went right for the Cinderella one. Here she is checking out the results in the mirror.
Face Painting

Rides and Shows
We made it on almost all of the rides we wanted to do at Magic Kingdom that first day. Dumbo, Pirates of the Caribbean and Small World all waited until the second trip, but I think they were the only ones. Lilypad Princess loved the Barnstormer Rollercoaster, especially because Nana taught her to scream on it. Any excuse for screaming is good in LP's book. The Teacups were also a big hit, although I left that one up to Lilypad Dad, PopPop, Nana, and Auntie La to take her on.

The shows were as a big a hit as the rides. Belle's storytime was a favorite, as was Mickey's Philharmagic 3-D movie.
LP & PopPop watching Phiharmagic together
Mickey's Philharmagic

A Few More Photos
Here are a few more of my favorite photos from day 1 at the Magic Kingdom. It truly was a magical day watching the excitement through LP's eyes.

on our way on the ferry
On the ferry
watching cartoons while waiting for Mickey and Minnie
Watching cartoons
the first meeting with Mickey and Minnie
Mickey and Minnie Mouse
big hugs to thank you for the wonderful trip
Big Hugs!
part of Woody's Roundup
Riding in Woody's Roundup
hugs for LaLa
Hugs for Auntie La

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Pirate and A Princess (Disney Day 5)

My Pirate and My Princess
On Friday, the Lilypad Family spent the day together, just the three of us. Pop Steve went to visit his aunt for the day, Nana and Auntie La headed off to EPCOT together, and we spent the day sleeping in, swimming and napping. Around 4 in the afternoon we headed off to the Magic Kingdom for a special Pirate & Princess Party.
Excitement watching the show
The Magic Kingdom closed early to the public, and was only open for party participants. It was a wonderful way to see the Magic Kingdom, most of the rides were open but there were no lines for them. We rode the Barnstormer Rollercoaster 3 times in a row without even having to get off. There were also special events set up throughout the park and we were able to meet all of the princesses and Captain Jack Sparrow. LP loved being up front and center for the shows around the park.
Fireworks over Cinderella's Castle
We missed the special parade because Lilypad Princess did not want to leave Sebastian's Undersea Dance Party, but we really enjoyed the fireworks.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Lilypad Princess got her very first school photos back today. I can't believe how old she looks in them, and that's she's old enough to have a school photo.

First School Photo

Monday, May 19, 2008

And Back To Reality

Cinderella's Castle
The Lilypad Family has returned to reality from our magical week. Lilypad Princess was treated like a true princess throughout the entire week, everyone at Disney World went above and beyond for her. She not only got to meet Mickey and Minnie, but all of the princesses as well. She was in awe standing in front of Cinderella's castle. We are all exhausted and I still have lots of unpacking to do, but I have lots of photos and stories to share over the next couple of days.

Happy Birthday Baby J!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday Baby J... happy birthday to you.

Jumpin J, (otherwise known as Baby J to Lilypad Princess) is turning one today. We can't wait to celebrate the day with you next weekend!

LP holding her cousin for the first time, look at how tiny he was.
Holding James

He's alot more fun now that he can play too, they had a great time together when we visited last month.
Reading together

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Lilypad Dad, Lilypad Princess and I want to wish everyone a very happy Mother's Day! Here are the very special moms in our family.

Mom, I will be seeing you in person today, so I'll save my mother's day wishes for then (especially since I know you won't be reading this anyway!).

Nana, I'm so sorry that we won't be with you for Mother's Day this year. I hope that you will spend the day doing something you really enjoy, maybe with Auntie Diane and the girls? Lilypad Princess and I will be coming to CT the weekend after we get back from Disney and would love to celebrate with you then.

Auntie Diane, I hope the girls were able to get the day off to spend with you.

Anne, I hope you are enjoying California and spending Mother's Day with Ryan.

Happy Mother's Day to all my mom friends as well, I hope that you get a day to spend doing exactly what you want. I also want to wish a very special Happy Mother's Day to Lauren, Jenn, Farrah, Christina, and Patti who are all celebrating their first Mother's Day.

Mickey Mouse, Here We Come!

By the time this post is published, the Lilypad family will be on their way to Disney World. I'm not sure if we will have internet access while we're there, if we do I'll try to check in during the week. If not, I'll be back next week with tons of pictures and lots of stories.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Word Challenge

If I could choose just one word to describe my mother it would be:
She has always supported everything I have tried, even when it wasn't a choice she would have made (playing rugby) or something that made her nervous (a semester in Australia). She gave me the space I needed to make my own decisions and learn from my own mistakes, but is always behind me with encouragement and support.

Can you do it? Can you use just one word to describe your mom? Not a sentence or two.
Leave a one word comment that epitomizes your mom or mother-figure.
(Thank you to That Mom for a great post idea for Mother's Day weekend.)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's In A Name?

My name is...

The first thing you tell someone when you meet them in your name. It is often the first impression they get of you before even meeting you. A name is part of who you are. So choosing a name for Lilypad Princess was a big responsibility. Not only did I want it to be a name she would be proud of and would make a good first impression, but I liked being able to honor special people in our family as well. So Lilypad Princess was named after my grandmothers.

LP's first name is the same as my paternal grandmother. Unfortunately I never had the chance to meet her, she passed away when my father was very young. It was a name I really liked and I loved the nickname that we planned on using. The nickname even had a second meaning behind it, it was the same nickname my mom used before she could say her full name. Although after she was born I found myself falling in love with the full version of the name, so while others use the nickname I usually use her given name.

We chose her middle name to honor my maternal grandmother who is a wonderful, loving, supportive, caring person. I didn't want to use her first name though, since I already share that name. So we decided to use her middle name as LP's middle name. After naming her and signing the birth certificate, we found out that I had always had her middle name a little off, it ends with an a instead of e. So while her middle name is a little different, she will always know that it is in honor of her Eka.

Lil WeddingEka 06 toasting

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Friends are the best part of school.

The kids were so excited to have class outside today. After the cookies and flower pots were done, they were off and running.

mothers day preschool 084

And coloring.


And... ok I'm not sure what this was all about.

mothers day preschool 086