Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Dave!

LP helped me create a special celebration for Uncle Dave's birthday today. It was small, just the three of us for dinner, but it took the two of us most of the day to prepare.

Uncle Dave has been talking for months about a coconut doughnut that he is craving but can't find anymore. So LP and I set out to make a coconut cake to hopefully fill that craving for him. LP has been trying to keep the surprise a secret for him for two days, and didn't actually tell him that it was a cake until this morning (although she did keep telling him that there was a surprise for him, we have to work on surprises I think).

She was a great helper in the kitchen, cracking eggs, measuring sugar, and using the mixer, we had a great time working on it and I think the cake came out pretty good. I hope that Uncle Dave really enjoyed it, he has become an important part of our family and deserves a special birthday celebration.


Carolyn said...

We all wish Uncle Dave a wonderful birthday year full of love and health and happiness. PS, He told us that you made a fantastic coconut cake! Our Congrats to the two bakers.

Love and best wishes,
Carolyn Diane and Eka

Buby + Bleu said...

Happy birthday Dave!! I know you are an important part of that family and of LP's life. What a treasure.

Jumpin J's Mom said...

LP is so luck to have such a great uncle, especially one who lives next door ;)