Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We have a full day today! Our morning started early with a very excited LP waking up Auntie La first, then me and Lilypad Dad. She couldn't wait to get downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny came. She did a great job on her egg hunt and now she and Auntie La are coloring with her new supplies from her Easter basket. I've started dinner and we are waiting for Grandpa, Nannie, and Eka to arrive. We will be eating an early dinner so LP Dad can join us before he has to work, then we will spend the afternoon playing with LP. I have egg decorating and hunting pictures to add later on tonight.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter! Nana and PopPop, we miss you!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

You Are My Sunshine

She was singing so nicely, but by the time I got the camera she got a little silly.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Best Birthday Gift

New bedroom paint

LP and I are home from Tulsa. I came home to the best birthday gift I could have imagined, a freshly painted bedroom. LP Dad and Uncle Dave worked tirelessly the 10 days that LP and I were gone to prep and paint the walls, trim, and fireplace. LP Dad had stripped the wallpaper about 5 months ago and I chose the paint colors and bought the paint, but could never find the time to actually get anything done,

It feels like a completely different room. I wasn't sure if the French Roast Brown would be too dark, but it doesn't seem dark or smaller, just warm and comfortable. The furniture stands out against the darker color and the fireplace has become the focal point of the room. I love it, and them for doing it for me.

new bedroom paint new bedroom paint
new bedroom paint new bedroom paint

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Ella!

Happy 5th birthday Ella! I can't believe that 5 years have passed already, you have become such a beautiful, sweet girl. I am very proud to be your godmother. LP and I both hope you have a wonderful birthday and we will see you in a couple of weeks for your party.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Girl's Night

Last night PopPop, LP, and Molly stayed in for a movie and pizza night while Nana and I went out for Girl's Night.

We started off at the new casino, yesterday was the third day it was open. The casino sent out coupons for a $10 match play, so we decided to go check it out. We put in $11 in cash ($10 for the match play on Mom's card and $1 to activate my card to get my new player and birthday credit) and walked out with over $40. I had good luck on the Lil' Lady machine, I picked it because LP loves ladybugs and should have stuck with it all night instead of trying some other ones!

Once we cashed out, we headed over to The Melting Pot for dinner. We spent over three hours chatting while we enjoyed cheese fondue with bread and apples, cooking our own veggies at the table, and a dark chocolate fondue with a variety of desserts to dip in it (the strawberries were my favorite!) The dinner was delicious, and a wonderful way for the two of us to just sit, relax, and chat. It was the perfect birthday dinner with my mom.


I see you!

I see you!

April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day

With a little help from her Nana, LP pulled her first April Fool's prank this year. LP brought in one of the rubber snakes from around the pool and put it on my pillow to surprise me when I went to bed. Apparently she couldn't wait (or doesn't quite get the element of surprise yet) because she couldn't help telling me that she had a surprise for me and pulling me up the stairs to take a look. I let out a little scream and she was very proud of her first prank.


Yorkie and Kid

LP and Molly have become best friends on our visit this year. They look for each other first thing in the morning, spend all day chasing and playing with each other, and even crashed together on the couch for an afternoon nap (something LP never does at home!) Last night when I was putting LP to bed I could hear Molly sniffing under the door, she was trying to find LP and was mad at me when I came out without her.

Sound asleep

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taking the Stage

Yesterday LP, Nana, and I visited a new children's museum that has opened in Tulsa. LP enjoyed shopping in the grocery store, washing and cutting hair in the salon, painting, stamping, and coloring, climbing through the big play area, and singing on stage.