Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Almost as Good as Mom

Reading and Listening
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LP was in a reading mood the other day. After we had finished a bunch of stories I had to leave her to her books by herself so I could make dinner. I heard a little banging around in her toy bins, then all was quiet. I walked back in to find her comfy on the couch with a substitute reader, her books on cd. I have transferred some of the stories onto her Fisher Price FP3 player from Eka and she loves being able to do it by herself. She looked so old sitting there with her headphones on.


Carolyn said...

Now that is her Nana's Grand-Daughter! Of course she was way ahead of me with the technology, but I am catching up and I love my Mp3 Player for Audiobooks.

Eka, you made a wonderful gift choice for Princess. She will be using that for a long time to come and it will bring much peace when making long car and airplane rides.

Buby + Bleu said...

That's adorable! Buby has one audio book that we listen to in the playroom all the time. It keeps him busy while I'm upstairs nursing Bleu to sleep.