Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I promise to get caught up on Thanksgiving through Christmas. It was a very busy month, Thanksgiving with Grandpa and Nannie, 2 weeks with Nana, 1 week with PopPop, Christmas stuff, Auntie La, school, and more. But for now, here is one of my favorite pictures from Christmas.

Pure Joy

What We Have Been Working On

1 post in the last month - terrible, I know. This is what took up most of our time the first 2+ weeks of the month.

That was mildew behind the grout that I couldn't get to even with a toothbrush and straight bleach. It was terrible, no matter how much I cleaned this bathroom it always looked dirty.
The sink took up too much room in an already tiny room, that spot on the floor was glue or something and there when we moved in, and the cabinet wouldn't stay closed anymore. That was the only outlet, and didn't work if the light switch was turned off. Oh yeah, the only light switch was next to the toilet, on the opposite side of the room from the door everyone used. So you couldn't even have a nightlight, you had to stumble through the dark room to try to turn the light on.

In Progress:
bathroom santa nana poppop 015
Down to the studs in the entire room, the only thing that stayed was the bathtub.
bathroom santa nana poppop 021
Insulation was added before the new walls were put up.

Almost Done:
New tile and reglazed bathtub
New tiles and a reglazed bathtub!

There are still some finishing touches to be done, trim work, towel bars, the real curtain rod, and knobs for the cabinet, but it is already so nice and easy to clean now. Lilypad Dad did an amazing job, and we can't thank Uncle Dave enough for all of his help and advice.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Little Potty

I was just taking LP upstairs for her nap today when she told me she went potty in the little potty, like last year. I got worried since we don't have the little potty chairs anymore and kept trying to figure out what she was talking about, but she just kept telling me the little potty. I started looking for a pot or something she might have used.

We are finally just about finished with redoing LP's bathroom. We had to go searching for a toilet that would fit since apparently the standards for a house built in 1927 were different than one now. We finally found one this morning and Uncle Dave is upstairs installing it. He mentioned that the toilet came with some kind of water or lubricant in it. I wasn't sure why, but thought that must be something that an expensive toilet did.

Wait a second, the liquid in the toilet is yellow. There is no tank on it yet, so it is a smaller toilet than most. A little potty. Yes, my daughter peed in the brand new toilet in the hallway before it was installed. Uncle Dave is now trying to install it without spilling so we can flush it!