Monday, July 27, 2009

A Beach Photoshoot - Take 1

Taken during our first week at the beach. Take 2 attempted this past weekend with Alessandro, photos to follow in a week.



run run run (definitely her mommy's girl, look at the tongue)




Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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Awake from her nap, watching and waiting for Alessandro to come visit at the beach house.

Fourth of July with Friends


LP and I had a great Fourth of July this year. We started off with a nice lunch with LP Dad and Uncle Dave, then when LP Dad headed to work, we headed off to another town for a celebration. We met up with Buby and Bleu and their parents for some playground time, blue ice, and a little handholding. It was the first time we had spent more than 5 minutes with Buby in quite a while, and LP was so happy to spend the afternoon with her friend.

4th of July golfing 059

4th of July golfing 057

4th of July golfing 065

A Little Snack

Cream Cheese Smile

Lilypad Princess, Lilypad Dad and I took a ride to another town the other day looking for the great little consignment store I found last year. Unfortunately the store didn't have any of LP's favorite dresses in right now, but LP enjoyed her bagel with cream cheese at the little cafe next door.

On Vacation

beach with grace.jpg
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We have been on vacation for the past week abd we are having a wonderful time. LP and I started off the vacation with a trip to Grandpa and Nannies to celebrate a belated Father's Day then met up with Lilipad Dad down here.

We have had a very busy week with family, Nana and PopPop have been here all week and we had visits from Eka, Auntie Diane, Lee, Auntie La and Karen. We were also lucky enough to get a visit from Grace and her parents for a day. The kids had a wonderful time together and now we are looking forward to a visit from Alessandro and his mom. I can only post from my cell phone right now, so photos and posts are limited but I have tons to catch up on in a couple of weeks when we get home.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life Lessons

Today LP was sitting on the couch enjoying a popsicle while I got our picnic ready. She called me over to ask me what heartbroken meant (I'm not sure where she overheard that). I explained that it was when someone was so sad it felt like their heart was breaking into little pieces.

She responded, "like yesterday when I stopped the ice cream truck but she didn't have my swirly popsicle left. I was heartbroken then." Yes, she was heartbroken when the ice cream truck didn't have her favorite popsicle. She went back in the house without anything but tears, too sad to even pick a different kind. But the girl driving the ice cream truck made it all better today. Apparently she fought for the last box of Hyper Stripe popsicles this morning, knowing LP would be waiting for one.

I can only hope that any heartbreak that LP will suffer will be so easily fixed.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Composer at Work

Silly face
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Playing the piano at the beach house. This is the face I got when I asked her to smile. Apparently I was disturbing the artistic process.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Like Grandpa


LP and her daddy went out for ice cream a couple of weeks ago. Our local ice cream shop has a mini golf course, a driving range, and batting cages. LP came home so excited to tell me about the hockey she played.

We went back earlier this week and she and LP Dad split another bucket of balls. She needs to remember to keep her eye on the ball, but she's already got a great little swing. Grandpa, she's ready to drive the cart when she goes with you too!