Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ready to Go

Pedal faster daddy!

We picked up a present for all 3 of us this weekend, a Schwinn Runabout. Lilypad Dad hooked it up to my bike today and we took it for a trial run around the neighbor's yard. Lilypad Princess was a little nervous on the initial run, she kept telling me to slow down, but quickly got used to it and started yelling at us to pedal faster down the big hill. We can't wait to use it this summer at the beach house, all three of us will be able to take trips into town together.

the view over my shoulder


Blue House Mom said... looks like so much fun. I'm sure you'll get good use out of it this summer, too. LP seems like such a big girl on that!

Christina said...

This looks like such a fun bike ~ I wanna go for a ride!

Buby + Bleu said...

Cool contraption. Does she like going fast?