Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fit for a Princess

Chandelier in her big girl bedroom

After Christmas, LP decided that instead of sharing a bedroom with the baby, she wanted to have her own special big girl bedroom and move into the library. We have been clearing out our things, slowly moving hers in, and are working on choosing a paint for the tiny bit of wall that isn't covered by a desk or bookshelves. She has been happily and comfortably sleeping in there since January and loved her big girl room. Today, LP's daddy and Uncle Dave rewired, cleaned, and hung a very special light fit for a princess. This chandelier used to belong to LP's Great Grandma Gladys, her PopPop's mother. She had given it Eka, who in turn gave it to LP. LP loves how it sparkles and shines in her big girl bedroom. Photos of the entire room will be posted once we are done with it.


Jumpin J's Mom said...

that is one awesome light!!!!

The Barefoot Family said...

H my goodness...that is beuatiful! BP would love a light like that. Cannot wait to see the finsihed room!

Carolyn said...

It does sparkle just like a princess light! Eka was right, it is just perfect for LP's bedroom.

I can't wait to see the room in March.