Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Mischief of Mice

Mischief of Mice

As LP gets older, I have been trying to find ways to teach her the importance of volunteering. A recent edition of Family Fun magazine had a great Catnip Mouse project that I thought would be perfect. I contacted the head of cat adoptions at the rescue that we adopted Max from to see if they could use some cat toys and invited Alessandro and his mother to join us.

We spent this morning picking up supplies and then came back to work on making the mice. One package of baby socks made 20 mice, which LP and Alessandro did a great job stuffing with catnip, filling and more catnip. They put a lot of hard work into the mice, and next weekend we will attend the volunteer orientation at the rescue. After that they will be able to volunteer their time with the cats and will bring all their mice to hand out to the kitties still waiting to be picked out by their families like Max.

Stuffing the sock
Filling the mouse
Project table
Catnip Mice
The Finished Projects
Fun with Mice

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