Saturday, February 6, 2010

Grandpa's Pool

Personal Swimming Pool
LP has a very specific routine she follows whenever we go to visit Grandpa and Nannie. First she must ring the doorbell, even if they are already at the door. After big hugs and kisses, she runs around the house to make sure everything is where it should be: Spooky sleeping under the covers, jewelry box, blue bird, stuffed cat and dog, quarter jar, toys, crayons and books. Then she removes the non-slip mat from under the rug in front of the kitchen sink (I don't know what her issue is with that being there!) She has to drag a chair over to the decorative phone in the kitchen to have a long chat, although the person on the other end of the phone changes each visit.
Swimming in Grandpa's hottub
This winter she has added another routine to the visits, swimming in Grandpa's personal "swimming pool". It actually took little miss afraid of nothing a while to get comfortable in the hot tub, the first time she looked in she was spooked by the bubbles. Over the course of a couple of visits she went from just looking, to fingers and toes in, to walking around then swimming (no bubbles) to now requesting bubbles for a minute or two during her swim.

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