Friday, May 9, 2008

Word Challenge

If I could choose just one word to describe my mother it would be:
She has always supported everything I have tried, even when it wasn't a choice she would have made (playing rugby) or something that made her nervous (a semester in Australia). She gave me the space I needed to make my own decisions and learn from my own mistakes, but is always behind me with encouragement and support.

Can you do it? Can you use just one word to describe your mom? Not a sentence or two.
Leave a one word comment that epitomizes your mom or mother-figure.
(Thank you to That Mom for a great post idea for Mother's Day weekend.)


Carolyn said...

My one word for Mom is “Perfect”.
And she is perfect because:

She is so strong. She has lived through so many tribulations and always comes out smiling and ready to get on with her life.

She is so loving and accepting of her family and friends. She is one of the very few people who loves unconditionally. I am sorry that I am not always deserving of that awesome love, but it is always there for me no matter what.

Add these words together and you will understand why she is the rock upon which our family is grounded. Mom is always there to listen or support, to celebrate or console.

My Mom is that “Hug” in life that no one should have to live without.

Thank you Mom, I Love You

Buby & Co. said...


{my mom makes me laugh out loud like nobody else}