Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend at Grandpa's

Lilypad Princess and I spent two nights with Grandpa and Nannie this past weekend. Lilypad Princess loves going to their house, after greeting them both with big hugs, she runs around the house to make sure her favorite things are all in their place. The dog statue is still by the door, Nannie's glasses are next to the bed, the singing birds are on the porch and Spooky is under the bed.

Another favorite thing at their house is Grandpa's coin jug. All his quarters go into the jug which then goes towards his yearly golf trip. But LP loves to dump them all out and get Grandpa or Nannie (or even mommy) to help her pick them all up again.


Then it's time to jump on Nannie and Grandpa's bed. This weekend she put on a show for us as well as just jumping.


She also put on a ballet for us.


Since LP had a growth spurt while we were in Disney, we thought she'd be more comfortable in the bed than the pack and play this time. This was her first night sleeping by herself in a big girl bed. She was so excited about it.

Big Girl Bed

big girl bed at Grandpas

Another first this weekend for Lilypad Princess was her first "manicure and pedicure". Nannie painted her nails a very soft pink with glitter in the morning. I think it's the longest I've seen her sit still!

First Pedicure

She loved playing with Nannie's jewels.

Nannie's Jewels

Grandpa and Nannie both played golf in the backyard with LP.

Golfing with Nannie

Golfing with Nannie

Before we left, LP and Grandpa had fun sending bubbles off to Lilypad Dad.

Bubbles with Grandpa

Thank you Grandpa and Nannie, we had a great weekend!

Big Hugs


Blue House Mom said...

It sounds like such a great weekend. I love seeing her check out the jewelry. The manicure/pedicure sounds lovely...I hope I see it on her soon. How much did she grow in Florida?

Buby & Co. said...

The photo of her blowing bubbles with Grandpa... she looks SO old. And those jammies... too cute. I can't even imagine Buby in a pack-n-play. It was just last November when we moved him to a bed, but it seems like an eternity since our crib days. LP looks psyched!!