Thursday, May 29, 2008

Police Uniforms

Lilypad Dad needs some new boots for work. I think we've recently replaced just about every other part of his uniform in the past year, except his vest, and the boots are ready to be replaced. He has actually needed to replace them for a while, but when we went to the local police store he didn't like any of the styles they carried.

LA Police Gear carries a great selection of boots from 14 different companies. Their prices are better than I remember seeing at the local store, and they are currently running some good promotions including free shipping on many of them, and free shipping, returns and even free socks on some of them. For $89.99 he can get a pair of boots, free shipping and free return (if they don't fit) and 6 free pairs of socks.

LA Police Gear also sells just about anything else Lilypad Dad could need for work, pants, flashlights, holsters, etc. I'm wonder if the job would allow him to wear 511 Tactical Shorts instead of long pants?

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