Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life Lessons

Today LP was sitting on the couch enjoying a popsicle while I got our picnic ready. She called me over to ask me what heartbroken meant (I'm not sure where she overheard that). I explained that it was when someone was so sad it felt like their heart was breaking into little pieces.

She responded, "like yesterday when I stopped the ice cream truck but she didn't have my swirly popsicle left. I was heartbroken then." Yes, she was heartbroken when the ice cream truck didn't have her favorite popsicle. She went back in the house without anything but tears, too sad to even pick a different kind. But the girl driving the ice cream truck made it all better today. Apparently she fought for the last box of Hyper Stripe popsicles this morning, knowing LP would be waiting for one.

I can only hope that any heartbreak that LP will suffer will be so easily fixed.


Christina said...
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Anonymous said...

Grandpa and Nannie want to know if Lilly typed this...kind of like her Spanish