Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On Vacation

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We have been on vacation for the past week abd we are having a wonderful time. LP and I started off the vacation with a trip to Grandpa and Nannies to celebrate a belated Father's Day then met up with Lilipad Dad down here.

We have had a very busy week with family, Nana and PopPop have been here all week and we had visits from Eka, Auntie Diane, Lee, Auntie La and Karen. We were also lucky enough to get a visit from Grace and her parents for a day. The kids had a wonderful time together and now we are looking forward to a visit from Alessandro and his mom. I can only post from my cell phone right now, so photos and posts are limited but I have tons to catch up on in a couple of weeks when we get home.

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Jenny said...

Those girls are growing up too fast. How sweet.