Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pink Potty Success!

Lilypad Princess was serious last night when she told me that she would use the pink potty if we got it. After our miss last night, she was ready to try again this morning. She spent a good portion of the morning diaperless, on and off the potty. Lilypad Dad read her some of her new books while she sat there, she sang songs and told stories, and suddenly, success! Pee in the potty! She was so excited to show me and wave goodbye to it as we flushed it down the big toilet.

If only I had known months ago that all it would take was a $17 pink potty chair. (Am I getting a little ahead of myself here? I guess I need to wait until it's been more than once.)


Jumpin J's Mom said...

Yeah for pink potties!!! And yeah for LP for trying, even though it didn't quite work out. Sorry about the jinx!

Blue House Mom said...

I'm so happy you've found the perfect potty for LP! Who knew she needed a pink one. Too funny. Hope it's going well for you guys!

Carolyn said...

Princess..... You are the BEST!
Nana and Pop-Pop are sooooo proud of you. Keep calling us with each new success.... we love hearing you.

Hugs and Congratulations
from Nana and Pop-Pop