Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!


Today is my mom's birthday. Although we couldn't be there to celebrate with her today, I know she's having a good day. A neighbor stopped by with chocolates that they ate by the pool, and PopPop is taking her out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner tonight. Wish we could be there.

My mom is my rock. She has always been behind me, encouraging me to take chances and try something new, supporting me when I've stumbled, celebrating my successes, comforting me when I'm hurt. She encouraged my love of reading (except when I was supposed to be cleaning my room), travel, and education,

She has gone above and beyond to support Lilypad Dad and me. She stayed with me for 3 weeks before Lilypad Princess was born, taking care of me, Lilypad Dad, and the house while I was too big to even drive the car. She held my hand through my labor. She stayed with us for a week after LP's birth, taking care of the house and guests so that Lilypad Dad could focus on our new baby. She has driven down or flown back to babysit for LP so I could take my carseat course or LP Dad and I could enjoy a night out.

As wonderful a mom as she is, she is an even more amazing grandmother. She has endless patience with Lilypad Princess, reading the same book, listening to the same knock knock jokes and playing the same games as many times as LP wants. Whenever LP accomplishes something new she wants to tell Nana.

I only hope that I can be half as good a mom to Lilypad Princess as my mom is to me.

Happy Birthday Mom!


Blue House Mom said...

Happy Birthday to Nana!

Carolyn said...

Thank you Sweetheart. You have made me feel much loved :-)
I miss you all,


Buby & Bleu said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!