Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Morning

Easter Morning Egg Hunt

Easter morning, Lilypad Princess called me from her crib about 8:00. She must have decided to give Lilypad Dad and me a little Easter gift by letting us sleep a little later. As soon as I walked in to get her, she asked me if the Easter Bunny was here. I guess she remembered what I was whispering as I put her to bed the night before.

Easter Morning Egg Hunt

We got Lilypad Dad up for a few minutes and all headed down stairs. The first thing LP saw was a basket with grass sitting on her little table waiting for her to fill. The Easter Bunny had come!

Easter Morning Egg Hunt

Instead of taking the basket around with her to fill, LP placed it on the table and ran around collecting eggs to bring back to the basket. She found all of the plastic eggs the Easter Bunny left, as well as the little presents from Nana and PopPop that the Easter Bunny had hidden and marked with yellow eggs. She stopped to open and play with each of the little gifts in between hunting, then when all the eggs were found, she checked out her Easter basket.


Blue House Mom said...

I think it's funny she left the basket in one place and brought the eggs over to her basket. G did the opposite...carried her basket everywhere. So funny how their little minds work.

Buby & Co. said...

The last photo is like "rock & roll baby!!" When I see her in footed jammies and you mention the crib, I remember how little our kids are still. I forget. I haven't seen Buby in onepiece jammies since he was like 6 months old. Seriously...