Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Disappointment

Saturday morning Lilypad Dad and I took Lilypad Princess to an Easter egg hunt in a neighboring town. We knew this was going to be a large one since it was well-publicized, but they had the hunt split by ages so we thought it would be a fun time for the little ones.

Everything started off great. It was a nice sunny day, even if a little chilly. As we pulled into the parking lot, we realized that Munchkinetta and her parents were in the car right in front of us. LP was thrilled to see Munchkinetta and got even happier when we realized Buby and Barefoot Princess and Barefoot Baby were there too.

While waiting for the hunt to start, Lilypad Princess went up on stage to get her picture taken with the other kids in bunny ears or costumes, then we found our friends again to wait...and wait and wait. Apparently the Easter Bunny got caught in the traffic jam to get into the parking lot and was late. All the kids were lined about around the hunt area and there was an occassional breakaway who couldn't take the anticipation anymore and would go running for the eggs. Finally the Bunny arrived (on a Harley) and suddenly the field was filled (guess we weren't in the right place to hear them yell go). And just like that, the eggs were gone. LP and here daddy ran right in, but there wasn't a single egg left. I wish I had thought to bring a couple with me in my pocket for her to "find". We weren't the only ones to not find an egg though, and someone took some that had been turned in and dumped them back out, so LP was able to pick up a couple before we left.

After the disappointment of the hunt, LP wanted to go in the big bouncehouse. But the house was filled with big kids who were being much too rough for a 2 year old, so we didn't let her go in. That was the end of the line for LP, who decided to let us know how disappointed she was in the whole day with a 2 year old temper tantrum. We said a quick goodbye to our friends and headed off to the car. LP cried the entire way, but everything was forgotten as soon as we stopped for a apple-cinnamon muffin on the way home.


Blue House Mom said...

This photo is hilarious. I love her face. What a weird egg hunt. Way too many people and too little eggs. The hype was big, too. Next year will be different.

Buby & Co. said...

OMG, that's the BEST face! So perfect for the hunt you described. We wondered where you guys went... everyone took off so fast. Buby was completely bummed about the lack of eggs as well. Luckily he didn't notice the bounce house... he was in line for the inflatable slide the whole time. The organizers had so much leftover chocolate and candy they were begging families to take it on their way out. I went up to them and said they should've spent more $ on the eggs and not the candy, b/c all the little kids care about is the eggs anyhow.