Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Space Needed

I've been doing a lot of online searches for cabinets, building supplies, etc for Uncle Dave. One thing I've come across that I thought was pretty interesting is a Sectional Garages. They are built in the factory, then delivered and erected in your yard in one day. They have different sizes and styles depending on what you need.

When we were looking for our house, one thing that was a negative for some of the houses we looked at was the lack of a garage. With a product like this, if you fall in love with a house, the lack of garage doesn't have to be a reason to pass on it, you can add your own garage as soon as you move in.

Our house has a large garage and plenty of storage space above, so we don't need a new garage for storage or cars, but I think this one would make a cute playhouse for LP.Of course at the rate we are growing into our existing space, it might not be long before we could use the extra storage room in our backyard. I could see using one to store the yard equipment like the lawnmower and snowblower, freeing up space in the garage, LP’s outdoor toys, freeing up space on our porch, and maybe using it as a place to hide presents if LP turns out to be a present finder like her Auntie La.


Blue House Mom said...

We have no garage. Jon would love one. This sounds pretty neat.

Carolyn said...

What a wonderful place for LP to play house and maybe even have friends over for sleep-overs when she is bigger! Like you and Elizabeth and you won't even have to deal with a tent.


Lauren said...

If LP does turn out to be like her Auntie La, do you think that hiding them in the garage in the back yard will stop her? I don't :-)