Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The First Cut

Ok, so it wasn't really a cut, more like a little trim. But Lilypad Princess has had such little hair for so long that I had a really hard time bringing myself to cut any of it. But a few days ago, I finally decided it was time to take that step. LP was looking like she belonged back in the 80's with the little rattail she had going on and it was starting to get very snarled and knotted each day despite the anti-tangle spray.

valentines day 045

So I braced myself while Lilypad Dad got LP's attention, and took the scissors to the hair. One cut was all it needed, once the extra length in the back was gone, it sprung up into a bunch of adorable curls. There has been a lot less screaming since the cut and I will admit that her hair looks much better.

hair drums cny 002


Blue House Mom said...

Little rattail...oh, you're too funny! Her haircut looks lovely. Good job.

Buby & Co. said...

Wow, look at those curls!!! She looks older, even just from the back of her head.

Carolyn said...

What an important moment.. even if it was only the "tail". LP looks beautiful, she is growing up - her hair looks so much thicker.
Wonder when she will give HERSELF that first impulsive haircut???
Shades again of Auntie La ? :-)

Hugs, Nana