Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Lily Bowl

Lilypad Princess and I were home alone for the Superbowl tonight since Lilypad Dad got stuck having to work. We decided to have our own little party with the game on in the background.

Lilypad Princess and I made our own individual pizzas for dinner, then held our own Lily Bowl. Using one of the pocket kleenex packs as the football, I played QB while LP was my receiver. Our field was the kitchen and the living room, and I found out I have a pretty good arm with a kleenex pack. LP would go out for the long throw, from the kitchen to the living room, usually just giggling as the throw hit the ground in front of her (she needs a few lessons on how the game is played I think). Then she'd scoop it up and run it back with a big hug tackle and a kiss.

I much prefer the Lily Bowl to the Superbowl and think we need to make this a yearly game.


Buby & Co. said...

Too cute! Buby likes to play the kicker, but he has a good QB arm, too. His uncle Mark played safety and his Uncle B. played quarterback... so we'll see if he follows in any of their footsteps. We were bored at the start of the game but it got exciting toward the end.

T with Honey said...

We were playing real football (that's how my husband refers to soccer) in our living room with Princess after dinner last night. It was much more fun than watching a bunch of overpaid grown men throwing the pigskin around. Where else can you stop the game for a tickle break? :)

Blue House Mom said...

The Lily Bowl sounds way more fun than the Superbowl. Glad you were able to have so much fun with your LP.