Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bedtime Books

During our trip to the library this week, Lilypad Princess and I picked up some new books to read including a few specifically bedtime related books. Now that we have had a chance to read them all, the definite favorite has emerged. It is read multiple times each night before bed, and I think will have to be made a permanent addition to our library.

Good Night, Animals by Lena Arro, Catarina Kruusval, and Joan Sandin tells the story of Bubble and Pearl’s campout adventure. As they settle into their “green cave” tent and darkness falls, they hear some strange noises outside. Each noise turns out to be friendly animals who want to join the campout in the tent. One by one, the animals rearrange to make room as mice and rabbits, a cat, dog, hen, sheep, and even a horse settle down for the night.

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Blue House Mom said...

I'm not familiar with this book at all, but it sounds very sweet. LP prefers taking care of animals rather than baby dolls, right? This book sounds perfect for her.