Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Big Thank You

A very big thank you to Blue House Omi for being so thoughtful to Munchkinetta's friends including Lilypad Princess. She sent each of Munchkinetta's friends a package of Dentek Fun Flossers. The first time I attempted to floss LP's teeth with regular floss she looked at me like I had three heads, ran away and hid behind the chair in her bedroom. But thanks to Blue House Omi's generosity, we have been able to make flossing a regular part of LP's bedtime routine (ok, it's still not the favorite part of the routine, but she doesn't fight either!)

I know now where Blue House Mom and Munchkinetta get their generous spirit for always thinking of others.


Buby & Co. said...

They are such a generous family... and Munchkinetta is lucky she has such wonderful women in her life. We love the flossers.

Blue House Mom said...

Aw, shucks. Thank you very much. I'm lucky to have such great mom-friends in my life! Happy flossing!