Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lilypad Likes - Olive Kids

Growing up I could never find my name on personalized license plates, pencils, bracelets, or barrettes. Or if they did have my name, it was never spelled the right way. And while the name we gave Lilypad Princess is rapidly growing in popularity, it still isn't easy to find things personalized for her.

If a little prince or princess in your life has a difficult name to find, Olive Kids is here to help. Olive Kids not only carries an adorable line of bedding, rugs and room accessories, but they have their own line of products that you can have personalized with any name you want.

We just received a set of 5 personalized placemats, and 2 nametags for LP's backpack and suitcase. The placemats are adorable, we got the girl set shown above. They are large, colorful, and very easy to wipe clean. LP has been telling me all about the mermaids since we opened the package. We also got the personalized name tags with the mermaids.

I really love their personalized floor pillows. They are 20" x 26" x 2" and the covers are removable and washable.

They also have adorable kids bedding and matching drawer pulls.


Buby & Co. said...

The name tags are awesome! I might have to order some for Buby.

Blue House Mom said...

Cute site. Thanks for sharing. It was always such a treat to get something with my name on it when I was young. I guess I haven't gotten over it yet because I love monograms, too!