Thursday, January 31, 2008

Suggestions Needed

Next week it is our turn to bring snack to preschool. Right now the kids are learning about colors, so the kids need to wear something of that color and the snack should be that color as well.

Our color is red. So Lilypad Princess and I need to bring a snack that is easy for the kids to eat, doesn't need any immediate preparation (I can do things at home, but it needs to be ready to serve there) and is red. Luckily there aren't any food allergies in the group.

I like to try to bring something healthy, preferable a fruit and a protein since most of the kids have swimming after preschool then go home and crash for a nap. The last time we brought snack (without any color restrictions) I brought cheese sticks, whole wheat crackers, and raisins. Other than apples and strawberries (are they even in season?), I'm really stuck with red for some reason. So please, let me know all your suggestions!


Buby & Co. said...

Isn't that kid who is allergic to apples still in our class?? I think Miss Sherri said to still steer clear of apples, but I could be wrong. Yeah, red is hard. Red seedless grapes? You could bake something and just use food coloring?

Lily Pad Mom said...

Nope, he isn't in the class anymore. She said there are no allergies at all. But I think giving all the kids an apple to eat would be a little to much for snacktime. I guess I could cut them in pieces, but what would I put with it?

Blue House Mom said...

Go to the Family Fun website and search around for FOOD. Maybe try under Valentine foods, goes with Valentine's Day and you've got great timing for that. There are a lot of cakes/cookies, but there's a section for healthier snacks. I saw some cute ladybug strawberry/melon ones. I tried getting the link here, but my server is slow. Let me know if you can't find it.

T with Honey said...

Kids love cut up watermelon pieces.

Other healthy choices:
Red bell pepper strips
Red beet eggs

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