Friday, December 7, 2007

Cookies for Santa

Lilypad Dad and I took Lilypad Princess to a local ceramic painting studio yesterday. The reason for the trip - Santa's Cookies. I posted before about a cute, personalized plate and mug for Santa's cookies and milk that I saw in a catalog, but wanted Lilypad Princess to personalize her own. The studio had a really cute plate that says cookies for santa on it with a snowman and Christmas tree in the center. We decided to go with that.

LP started off by sponging down the plate with water to make sure it was ready to paint. We chose a nice deep red (called Hot Tamale) and a Christmasy green (Irish Luck) as her two colors. Starting with the red, she painted most of the middle of the plate. Switching to the green, she painted the stars and holly along the edges of the plate. Once she felt that she had decorated the plate the way she liked it, I tried to keep my hand steady while painting the letters in black.

Once the front of the plate was dry, LP put her handprint on the back and then we personalized it with her name and the date. We had to leave it behind to be fired in the kiln, but will pick it up in time to fill it for Santa for Christmas.

Here is the completed masterpiece. The colors will change when fired, it will be much darker reds and greens.


Buby & Co. said...

Love it! Great photos. We think that place is so great we'll probably go back several times next year. Glad LP and Buby were able to share some pizza and laughter yesterday.

Blue House Mom said...

This is so sweet. I'm so glad you guys went there. We have yet to go, but it looks like fun.

Carolyn said...

Lillian, I LOVE your plate for Santa. You did such a wonderful job painting and I bet Santa will like it even more than the cookies! Hugs, Nana