Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thank You Saint Nicholas

Lilypad Dad and I were relaxing on the couch last night when there was a slight knock on the door. When Lilypad Dad got there to answer it, nobody was there but there was a bag tied with a pretty red and gold ribbon sitting on the porch. After a slight hesitation (is it safe to bring an unknown package in the house, is it safe to open it) Lilypad Dad untied the ribbon. Once we saw the tag from St. Nick we tied the bag back up to wait for Lilypad Princess in the morning.

Lilypad Princess saw the pretty ribbon and bag waiting for her as soon as we came down the stairs. Together we pulled off the ribbon, then she dove into the bag. She became more excited with each item she pulled out, cookies, candy bar oranges, a wrapped present, Santa paper (napkins), NUTS!, and A STICK MOMMY! After taming the lion otherwise known as Forster with the stick, she settled in to eat in her new pretty skirt. She tried a cookie, but decided the pistachios were better. She followed me around like a puppy begging for more until my fingers hurt from opening them and is now relaxing on the couch with Lilypad Dad while they finish off the bag together.

A VERY big thank you for such a thoughtful, wonderful surprise from St. Nick. Hopefully someone who knows the story behind St Nick and the stick will be able to tell us a little about it.
Here is the story behind this wonderful tradition from Blue House Mom.


Buby & Co. said...

Love the purple skirt. Last night was fun for us, too! And even more fun for Buby this morning. I'm so glad for St. Nick pulling it off. And not getting shot by anyone. Ha!

Ashley said...

That's great! I love the tradition too. It's nice to see somethings during the holidays have stayed the same, even with commercialism.

She's always so photogenic, I want to squeeze her.

Your mantle looks amazing, btw.