Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lilypad Likes

I would love to wake up Christmas morning with this under the tree. My only question is would it actually be a gift for Lilypad Princess or for Lilypad Dad?

Lilypad Princess has never actually seen her dad in uniform except for in pictures, but she has started recognizing uniforms and cars and mentioning that her daddy works. So I think she's making the connection (although she has also made the connection with other types of uniforms as well, including train conductors. I guess we have to work on recognizing the differences in uniforms). I think LP would have fun pretending to be daddy at work. We already have the Hometown Heroes Police Car that would fit right in too.

My favorite part of the entire set is the little criminals dressed in stripes. They also have a really cute fire station as well.

police station from Pottery Barn Kids


Buby & Co. said...

I love these as well. And so would Buby. Why can't LP Daddy get dressed at home one of these days? Make sure Buby is there... he'd be very impressed. Tom and I want to meet up with Buby's Uncle Mike when he's working to show Buby the car up close. Except he works 11pm-7am.

Jayme said...

OMG! These are soooooo cute! Too bad they have Pottery Barn prices! ;)

Blue House Mom said...

These are awesome. The only way my Munchkinetta sees my brother in uniform is when we visit (or he visits us) when he's working. He comes by with lights on (no siren, thankfully) a few times a month. The uniform used to frighten her b/c the vest makes him look so puffy, but now she's okay with it.