Monday, November 26, 2007

Lilypad Likes

With the Christmas shopping starting, I'm sure this topic will appear more frequently for the next couple of weeks. I just came across a personalized book that I absolutely adore. It is called The First Adventures of an Incredible You and is sold by Custom Made for Kids. The fun, bright and colorful pictures will get the attention of every child no matter how young, and are perfect for a boy or girl.Not only is this book personalized with their name and birthday, but you include the names of family members, favorite sports teams, pets, friends, local parks, vacation spots etc.

For example, when personalized for LP, one page reads "There will be nothing more perfect than rain on a warm spring day, you nad Nana jumping in puddles and splashing away." Another part of the story reads, "Grandpa's sauce and meatballs will be such a treat!"

Kids always love personalization (I remember how sad it was to never find anything with my name spelled correctly!) and this is the ultimate in personalization and cherished memories. I believe the books are always the perfect gift, this just takes it one step better.

(Until 11/27 you can enter to win one by clicking on the 12 days of giveaways box on the right)

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Buby & Co. said...

I've heard about this book from a few people. It's supposed to be the best of those kind out there. My mom got Buby 2 personalized books when I was pregnant with him but we had already picked the name, but the company has since gone out of business. Now she's pressuring me to pick a name for #2 to order the book for her for Xmas. I'll remind her about these people. But we're NO WHERE near ready to commit to a name. Ha!