Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bring on the snow!

Blue House Mom mentioned this morning that there is the possibility of snow coming this weekend. Lilypad Princess has completely outgrown her boots, snowpants and jacket from last year so if we want to go play in the snow we needed something new. Lilypad Dad, LP and I hit the mall today to see what we could find.

We really lucked out today, not only is LP ready to play in the snow, but now I'm ready to go play with her. We found a 3-in-1 jacket and matching snowpants for LP at The Children's Place for $28 with my discount.

Then at Target we found a pair of boots that are a pretty good match, are easy to get on and off, and seem really comfortable (she didn't want to take them off) for $19.99. The fur is hidden by the snowpants.

While checking out the boots for LP, I found a pair for myself. They are very similar to the Land's End Trello that I posted about here. They are a little heavier (I was so surprised by how light the Trellos are!) but they are more waterproof and will be much easier to clean. They only came in white, but they also had the matching jacket, and the jacket and boots together were $25 less than just the jacket I was looking at from Land's End.
So Lilypad Princess and I are ready to build a snowman and go sledding, and I know Lilypad Dad is ready to try out his new snowblower, thanks to Nana and Pop Steve!


Blue House Mom said...

I hope you'll be able to use your new gear this weekend! Fingers crossed for Sunday night...

Buby & Co. said...

We're hoping for snow, too. Buby is all set for winter coats and hats and gloves, but he still needs a snow/ski jacket, pants and boots. We plan to look again today and/or tomorrow.