Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hand Me Down

Lillian got the best hand me down this week when Nana came to visit. It is my old "house". My mom made it for me when I was little, it is a cloth house that goes over a card table. It has a door and window flap in it. You can tell I was born in the 70's by the color of the house! I have been hoping that my mom held onto it and was so excited when she pulled it out the other day.

We set it up in the living room with a couple of couch pillows and a blanket, she loves being in there. So far we have watched some tv, read some books, played with her snap doll and take a pretend nap in it.


Barefoot Princess & Family said...

I love this idea. Your mom could make these and sell them!!! It looks like Lillian really enjoyed herself in your hand-me-down!

Buby & Co. said...

So cool!! I wish my mom had made something like this and saved it. She didn't have the crafty gene. All of my brownie patches were on upside down and backwards.

Blue House Mom said...

This is adorable! You should have your mom teach you how to do this...and then start selling them!