Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Art Time

We finally gave Lillian her birthday present from us yesterday, an art easel. She got so many great presents that we figured we'd let her enjoy everything for a while before giving her something else. But with the cold weather finally coming in, it seemed like the perfect time. She loved the leaves at school so much that Nana and Uncle Dave worked together to give Lillian her own tree and leaves to decorate on her easel. She had a great time putting the leaves on the tree, then rearranging them over and over an over.


Buby & Co. said...

Can Buby come over and play with Lillian's new easel?? Looks like fun.

Blue House Mom said...

How do you like the easel? Actually, how does Lillian like the easel? We still haven't bought one yet...can't decide which one to get.