Friday, October 12, 2007

Rain, Rain Come Again

Lillian and "Brella" want to play...

Lillian received a second package from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Andrew today. We had a great picnic with all the play food that she received yesterday. Today she got a long, skinny box. She was so excited when she pulled out a beautiful umbrella with butterflies all over it. She insisted on opening it and has been walking all over the house with it. The only problem is that it is too big to fit through the doorways, so I have to close it and reopen it every time she wants to go into a different room. (How bad is my luck going to be?)

She's upset that the rain stopped this morning, she wants to go play in the rain with it. Lucky for her, we're on our way to the beach where it's supposed to rain this afternoon. So we'll bring it with us.

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