Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Who would have guessed it was April? It was a very chilly Easter weekend, unfortunately Lillian had to cover up her pretty Easter dress with her heavy winter coat for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter morning started early with an egg hunt just for Lillian around the living room. The Easter Bunny hid plastic eggs filled with goldfish, stickers, and quarters around the living room. She had fun with the first few, until she found the cat toy and decided she'd rather play with Forster than hunt for more eggs.

Eka, Auntie La, and Grandpa all came to church with us. Lillian gave everyone in the church a laugh when she decided to play the piano in the front of the church during the children's service. After church was over we all bundled up and headed outside for another egg hunt.

Lillian slept through Easter dinner, but after 4 hours woke up in a better mood and dragged Grandpa and Auntie La out for a short walk.

Nana and Pop Steve, we missed you!

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Allison said...

I think it's funny she preferred playing with the cat toys! Love the hat.