Monday, April 2, 2007

Lots of Babies!

Photo taken by Brenna Jennings

Lillian and I went up to Massachusetts this weekend to go to Auntie Lauren and Auntie Jenn's baby showers. Lillian is going to have 3 cousins by the end of the summer, Lauren is having twin girls and Jenn's baby is going to be a surprise!

Lillian was really a trooper this weekend. Between construction in Hartford and mapquest's determination to send us the wrong way down one way streets, we were in the car for over 4.5 hours on Saturday. She only slept for 40 minutes of the trip, but only cried for 10 minutes before she fell asleep. The rest of the time she was reading her books and playing with her toys.

Brenna, the photographer from my wedding, is friends with Lauren and was at her shower. She took the picture of Lillian above, and I am going to have her take photos of Lillian later this spring or early in the summer.


Allison said...

You'll have to share the professional pics of Lillian with us! She's always a cutie with her blue eyes.

Buby & Co. said...

AMAZING pic of Lillian. The camera loves her. See you Friday. Hope it doesn't snow on your birthday :(