Monday, October 1, 2007

Playing Catch Up

Airplane home from St Louis, originally uploaded by erika8602.

Wow, I've been really bad. I haven't updated this in months. Let's see if I can review the entire summer in 1 post!

In May Lily and I took a trip to St.Louis to visit all her aunts across the country. We had good flights, she was so excited to be flying in an airplane. We had been visiting the local airport to get ready for the trip. She was completely spoiled by her aunts, and we got in some great siteseeing. She really enjoyed the St Louis Arch and the animals at Davis

We spent 4 weeks (1 week at a time) at the beach in CT. She LOVES the beach. Building sandcastles, crabbing at the rocks, swimming in the ocean; it's one of her favorite places. Nana, PopPop, Eka, and Auntie La joined us some of the time. We joined the Children's Museum there and went for a couple of classes and lots of playtime.

We had lots of great playdates with all of Lily's friends. Although I know she missed seeing Buby each week since his days with us ended in May. And we took the summer off from classes, but started Little Gym again a couple of weeks ago, and preschool starts tomorrow!

We made a couple of visits to Grandpa and Nannie, she loves taking walks around their circle! Lily stayed with them for a little while so I could go meet her new baby cousins, Ana and Elaina. Lily hasn't had a chance to meet them yet(they came a little early and I didn't want to expose them to her just yet) but she did get to meet her cousin James.

We had a wonderful summer, and now we're looking forward to some cooler sleeping weather, apple picking, pumpkins and Halloween!


Blue House Mom said...

The great thing about blogging is that you set your own at your own pace and I'll visit often! Glad your summer was a good one.

Buby & Co. said...

So happy for the updated photos. Love them! Buby missed Lillian this summer, so I'm glad we're back to fall classes and more fun Fridays.