Thursday, March 22, 2007

No more baby

It really hit me last night what a little girl Lillian has become, she's really not a baby anymore.

Last night Lillian and I had dinner together at her little table. Although I don't fit at the table very well, she seemed so excited to have me eating there with her. She sat at the table, ate with fork, and used her napkin. She chatted away with me the entire time.

After she was done with dinner she picked out a book, climbed into her big pink chair and started reading the book to herself. She looked at each page, pointed out the butterflies, the kangaroos, and the fish. She turned the pages so slowly and enjoyed the entire book.

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Erika said...

Dear Lily,
I can see how much you're changing. I wish so much that we lived closer together so I could see you more often. I could just stop in and say "Howdy doody!"
I love you,
Hugs from Eka