Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Breakfast and Pink Balloons

I woke up late this morning, it was 9:00! I woke up to the stomping of little feet coming up the stairs, then an excited "Ma!" Lillian wanted to show off her pink balloon.

Once a week on his day off, Mike gets up with Lillian and takes her out to breakfast. They get to spend some quality time alone together, and I get to sleep in an extra hour or so. She is always in a great mood when they come home, and so excited about her balloon, or the bagel that she's bringing to me. You can tell she really loves her special breakfasts with her Daddy.


Carolyn said...

You are so much fun to take to breakfast! I think that's why Pop Steve wants to visit so much...just so we can take you to breakfast when Mommy and Daddy catch up on their sleep. And Pop Steve loves it when you whisper to him that you want to go to your favorite store...Gander Mountain !
Well, you do love to sign to all the bears there :-)
Kisses from your Nana

Allison said...

Breakfast with Daddy sounds delightful. And a well-rested Mommy sounds even better. Good for you, Erika!