Saturday, March 24, 2007


One of Lillian's favorite signs right now is bird. She loves to stand in the kitchen nook and watch the birds outside with Forster, signing bird the whole time.Video of how to sign Bird

This weekend has been full of birds for her. We are visiting with Grandpa and Nannie and she has seen birds everywhere. This morning she watched Grandpa feed the birds out the bedroom window, and during meals she is able to see out the window and watch them fly by. Nannie has a blue glass bird in the kitchen window and there are a couple of decorative birdhouses and a bird on the porch.

Best of all, Granda and Nannie took her to Forest Park today. She got to feed the ducks for a long time, then she got to go play on the playground. According to Grandpa, she really loved the slide.


Allison said...

Lillian and the birds. Sounds like a music group.

Allison said...

I meant to add: How Sweet! Sounds like you're having a good weekend.