Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Girl Hairstyle

It has been a little more than 2 years since the first trim and a little less than 2 since the first official haircut. But at 4.5, it was time for a big girl haircut. LP has been trying to put it off for a while, she wanted to keep her long hair and was afraid it would hurt. I had put it off as well, I was sad to finally lose the last of the baby hair with the curl and the white blonde ends. But it was definitely time so last week Lilypad Dad, LP and I headed off to the salon. She was definitely nervous when she first sat down in the chair, but once she realized that it didn't hurt, enjoyed the results and the cookie that came after.

My little girl aged about 2 years in the 15 minutes she was in the chair. She looked so much older with a few less inches of hair, it was so hard for me to not cry. But we have had no more tears in the shower, with the hairdryer, or in the morning, it is such an easy haircut and her hair is smooth and healthy again.

Before Haircut

Nervously waiting for the first cut:
Waiting for the first cut

During, you can see how long it was:

Almost done:
Almost done

After(when it is washed and dried it gets a perfect little flip out at the ends):

Enjoying the cookie:

Apparently she learned that cutting hair does not actually hurt. This morning she woke me up with a story about getting dressed, taking her own temperature (she's been sick this weekend), and a casually thrown out as she walked back out the door, "Oh yeah, a bug flew into my hair so I had to cut it out."

After 2 - she cut the bangs in herself

After 2 - she cut the bangs in herself

The one thing I wanted to avoid was bangs, she does not like hair in her face and I didn't want the hassle of having to keep up with them or grow the out. She cut a thick patch of bangs on one side of her head. Luckily it is the side that tends to be pulled back and she left them just long enough to catch them up in a thick headband.


Anonymous said...

Grandpa said...just like Auntie La cutting her hair when she was little...I wonder where Lil gets her stubborn streak from

Carolyn said...

I love her new haircut, BOTH of them! :-) She is even having fun brushing it all by herself. And it will be so much easier getting ready for school when Nana has to help afer the new baby comes.
Thanks Mom and Dad!
hugs, Nana

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John said...

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