Friday, January 29, 2010

New Year's Eve Snow

I'm definitely behind on posts. So I'm hoping to catch up on some of our fall and early winter highlights as I have a few free minutes. Lilypad Dad was home for New Year's Eve this year, and much to LP's delight, we got snow. It was a great day to play in it, warm enough to not even need the outer shell of LP's jacket. While LP Dad shoveled, LP posed for me in the snow so I could try out my new Christmas present, made some snow angels, and ate lots of the fresh powder (her favorite part of winter).
I'll get you!
snowball fight


Jenny said...

Your new camera is awesome! Beautiful photos! Lily is getting so old.

frankie said...

Hey E,
nana did a great job with that camera. takes really great pictures! nice to see the blog up and running again! thanks.