Monday, June 15, 2009

Touch a Truck


Yesterday was the United Way Touch-a-Tuck event in a neighboring town. Lilypad Princess, LP Dad, Uncle Dave, and I all headed over in the morning to check it out. It was a huge event, vehicles of every kind filling two large, government parking lots. LP had a change to climb in and check out police cars, excavators, giant tractors, trucks, fire trucks, motorcycles, school buses, race cars, and a ton more.
Driving the excavator

The highlight of the event for LP was getting to go up in a cherry picker basket with her daddy. She hung onto his leg for dear life, but had a big smile on her face the entire ride.
going up
Way up high

They also had bounce houses for the kids and a few games where they could win prizes. LP played a hockey game and won a ballerina Barbie that she is very proud of now. And Uncle Dave surprised her with cotton candy, blue of course, her favorite color.

There's that tongue again, definitely her mommy's daughter.
Cotton Candy

We had a wonderful day and will definitely do this again next year.



Jumpin J's Mom said...

Wow, a Barbie, how cool! LP must have been in heaven. Jumpin' J would have loved that cherry picker too but I'll keep my feet firmly on the ground thank you very much! ;)

Barefoot Princess & Family said...

I have heard about this event. Looks like fun! LP is so brave to go up in the cherry picker.

Jenny said...

Ahhh, it brings back good memories from last year when we attended. I can't believe it conflicted with two other events for us that day. Buby really loved those big machines. The tire shot is my fave.