Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chess Anyone?

Chess at a coffee house
We attempted to go sledding at the great hill again the other day, but the hill was actually closed because they had snow machines on it. So we stopped at the great little coffee shop we found for a little lunch before heading home again. The last time LP watched a couple of older girls playing chess at one of the tables and wanted to play too. This time the chess table was open, so she and I hopped up to play while waiting for our sandwiches. Unfortunately chess is one game I never learned, so I had to play along with her version. LP's version involves stealing my queen and my horses having to get her horses help to rescue her. Luckily Uncle Dave has offered to teach all three of us the real game, I'm sure she'll be beating all of us at it soon.

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Buby + Bleu said...

I think I know that chess table. They have kids karaoke there, too! What a fun game to learn. We have a marble set from Mexico that the boys play on. I have no idea.