Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Blue Unicorn

LP has been doing a lot of riding lately. She gallops and flies around the house on a blue unicorn with a white tail. Today as she was going down for a nap she asked me to get the unicorn.

Me: Would you like me to feed your unicorn while you sleep?
LP: Yes.

So I called the unicorn to me, the same way I take the ghosts out with me at night.

LP: No mommy, not the pretend one. I want you to buy a real unicorn so I can ride him everywhere. He can run and fly. A blue one with a white tail.

Does anyone know where I can find a blue unicorn with wings and a white tail?


Buby + Bleu said...

Have her draw a picture of it. This is too cute! By the way, when we drove near your house after swim class today Buby started crying that he wanted to play with LP. I told him another day, and he said "No, Mom. Call her now and invite her to come to my house. Okay? Okay? Call her mom and ask!" We'll see you on Monday at Grace's, and that'll make Buby very happy to see his girlfriends:)

LilysPopSteve said...

There is a blue unicorn with a white tail immediately available in Owasso - Molly is holding it for LP. Nana and PopPop are holding the unicorn until LP arrives. Hurry, quick!!

lil ole' me..... said...

I love that LP doesn't hold back. She has such a wonderful imagination.

I think you can get blue unicorns delivered on rocket ships. :)

Lily Pad Nana said...

There is a Blue Unicorn with a White Tail in Oklahoma! And I know for a fact that he is sending Lily a letter and a picture of himself.

Hope she will write a letter back.

Hugs, Nana