Monday, October 27, 2008

Big Girl Room: In Progress 2

New valences for the big girl room details on the valence

Uncle Dave and I took a trip to Linens and Things the other day to check out the going out of business sale. Prices weren't really marked down much on most things, but we found bedding from Wamsutta that is VERY similar to LP's new big girl bedding. The valences were an almost perfect match and were 30% off, so I picked up one for each window. The blue in the valences is an exact match for the turquoise stripes in the bedding, right down to the same size white polka dots. Now I just have to find some half curtains or material to make them to finish off the windows. We found a green that matched, but with the green walls I thought green curtains would be too much. I would like to do the blue in the bedding, but it's the only color not in the valence, so I will probably end up with a turquoise or purple.

(Excuse the lack of curtain on this window, she used the curtain rod to make polka dots in her wall and broke it, I haven't replaced it yet not knowing what we would end up doing for curtains.)


Buby + Bleu said...

Pretty color combos? So the LnT near us is going out of business? I can't believe it. I mean.. I never shopped there, but I liked knowing it was there if I needed it. And I heard they accept BBB coupons.

Lilypad Mom said...

The entire company is going out of business, all the stores are closing.

Lily Pad Nana said...

I really like the valances you picked out. Can't wait to see what you choose for the bottom curtain. We can make them over Christmas if you want.