Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big Girl Room: In Progress

We are working on switching from a nursery to a big girl room. It's a slow project, but we are making progress. The next steps will be to refinish the mirror to put over the dresser now that it's not a changing table anymore, new curtains, and hopefully a new rug. Here are the two newest changes to the room.

Big Girl Bedding

A birthday present from Nana and PopPop. The green stripe in the bedding is an exact match to the green paint on the walls. It is girly, without being too babyish or too tween/teen looking. The blues and purples in the bedding work well with splashes of pink in the room for accents, without making you feel overwhelmed with pink.

New Bedding New Bedding

Star Lighting

We picked up these adorable star lights at Ikea yesterday. We hung them in the corner opposite her bed today, they are soft enough that she can fall asleep with them on, but bright enough that she isn't scared of the dark. Thank you Auntie Diane for the birthday present to put towards her bedroom, this is what we used it on!

Star Lights


Buby + Bleu said...

It's so exciting, isn't it? Her bedroom is pretty... love the colors. I remember doing Buby's last November after a very productive trip to IKEA.

Betseeee said...

That bedding is really pretty, and the lights are so cool. I think I'm going to have to hit Ikea and check them out - I have a feeling my princesses would love them, too.

Ashley said...

I love the lights! We're working on Kinsley's room and I'm stuck on colors now but I love the color you chose. It's perfect!

Lilypad Mom said...

The walls were actually this color when we bought the house. We didn't know if we were having a boy or girl, and the room was part of what made us fall in love with the house. It was like it was meant to be a nursery. I was excited to find bedding that would fit so well with the walls so we didn't have to repaint it.